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Create an HTML page
First steps
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    Creating web pages for internet can be done in one thousand and one ways. Here's four, with advantages and disadvantages.
  • Many software generate HTML code automatically: it's as simple as a word processor, but created code is "heavy", and conform not to w3c standards. Pages are long to display, and/or unreadable with many browsers. This happen frequently with Micro$oft software. Or many big companies use other systems, with other browsers than the last version of Internet Explorer©+®=$$$ ...
  • Many sites offer to create your site online. It's fast. Interfaces are often very simple to use, but very limited. Sites made this way generally work well with most of browsers but are generally slow and depreciated by agressive advertisings which bore the visitors...
  • Instead of writing html pages, you can write a software to do the job: it's particurlarly efficient to generatE web pages from a database. It's powerful, but need the knowledge of an appropriate programming language, plus HTML.
  • You can easily create html pages yourself with every text editor: vi, notepad, ... but also with specialised text editors: the most useful advantage is the count of line number, and "syntaxic coloration", a display with differents colors for HTML code than for your text, like this: <FONT COLOR='red'>Red text sample</FONT>.
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    You want to try ? Do not hesitate ! It's easier than it seem firstly. Open a text editor, notepad for example, and type the following text:
<H1> Titre </H1>
<P> This first page show the HTML code for displaying a title and a first sentence. </P>

... and save this file with the name "mypage.htm". Open it. It opens automatically with your favorite Internet browser: you just wrote your first HTML page.
    It contain two HTML tags: <H1> to define a level 1 title and <P> to delimit a sentence. An HTML tag begin by "<" and end by ">". Most of HTML tags come by 2: a starting tag and an ending tag, began by "</". Less than 100 standard HTML tags exists, and about ten are enough to do the most important.

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