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Geomatics oppourtunities
    We received many cv, although this site is 100% non-profit. It's the reason of this rubric. It will be improved as soon as possible. Nowadays, mosts of opportunities listed here are in french-speaking countries.
 Geomatics oppourtunities
    First, let us cite the georezo job list. offer too, with FragGo, computing oppourtunities in logistics and transportation domains.
    The site is upon job opportunities in freeware domain.

04/07/2018 AZURHEA - Ingénieur systeme automatisation
04/07/2018 Quarkslab - Administrateur systèmes et réseaux
04/07/2018 ADVANCE SOLUTIONS - Ingénieur c++ linux embarqué
04/07/2018 SUBSTANTIEL SAS - Ingénieur noyau kernel linux
04/07/2018 A9 - Full stack python developer
03/07/2018 KELEY - Administrateur système et réseaux
03/07/2018 Ippon - Développeur full stack java web h/f
03/07/2018 AlgoSecure - Ingénieur sécurité /cloud openstack
03/07/2018 INTEAM - Ur avant-vente sécurité pure player
03/07/2018 Makina Corpus - Administrateur système

.     The site is more upon job opportunities in freeware os and administration domains.

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